Jon Stewart “I Know my audience”: Google Analytics

Jon Stewart is one of my favorite comedians. Last night while I was watching the Daily Show (that BTW you can stream online for free without paying Hulu) he paused, took a deep breath, putted some earphones, rolled a clip and the audience went wild. Afterwards, calmly he took the earphones off and said “I know my audience” while taking the ovation. If you want to watch it click on the pic below and wait for min 0:37.

Jon Stewart

One of the key things for success on the business world, is to really know your audience. Who is your customer, what age, what does he likes, where does he live, what’s his/her income?. We should be able to answer all those questions by the top of our heads. The more extensive the customer profile, the easier is to tailor a message for them. Just like Jon Stewart, if you know you audience, you can roll the clip and wait for the ovation.

Trying to really define your customer could be challenging. But with the use of technology we can considerably simplify the process. Nowadays, we have the ability to track every single move of our users on our websites, see where they are connecting from, where are they clicking and the most important thing, where are they not clicking.



Google Analytics, is a really powerful tool, it provides a basic free version that you can start using right now on your website. You basically copy a piece of code on the site, seat back and start tracking.

Google also offers realtime tracking, you can where people is connecting from (anonymous) their age, and what are they clicking on.

Here is a shot from my site, this is the information that you can get with the free version. As you can see is very easy to read so you can start working your message to your audience.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 5.29.38 PM

Have you used Google Analytics? It’s free!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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