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Yesterday I was talking to the General Manager of Homewood Ski Resort. He was telling me how he gets more than 150 emails per day and how hard is to keep track of the important ones.  Even though, I am not a GM yet, there has been times that I was getting around 70 emails per day.  And to be honest, most of it is pure crap. (Please excuse my French.)

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Over the years, by creating and subscribing to websites and lists, your email inbox gets bombarded with un-relevant content. Just like we discussed on my Mailchimp Post, we marketeers are always looking for the opportunity to get your information. But sometimes, yeah!, you gave your email “In the heat of the moment” (Which I highly recommend to listen while reading this) and now, you have 20 emails sitting there right in your inbox using valuable space. Consequences could be big, how many times you’ve heard: “I am so sorry, but your email got lost on a sea of spam!.” What happens if that email was really important?, a meeting? or even a job offer? You never know.

GMail provides the best free filter out there. GMail is able to classify pretty good what is spam and what is not. It sets it aside and tags it as “Promotion” so it doesn’t bug you. This is driving some marketeers absolutely crazy, to get set aside as “Promotion” is never good. Anyway, you can also try to clean your inbox by doing a search for the key word “unsubscribe” and  simple erase everything that contains that word.


This are simple and effective steps to get rid of some of those annoying emails. But doesn’t really do the work creating frustration and sad faces. It wasn’t until yesterday that I bumped into Mailstrom and I have to say, it is dam good!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.32.38 PM

Mailstrom is an intuitive email manager. It classifies your emails from your inbox by sender, subject and unsubscribe among others. My favorite option was the unsubscribe button, you can select in one click those annoying campaigns, delete and unsubscribe with one click. Mailstrom allows you to erase 2500 emails for free. But there is only one rule, “You can’t unsubscribe me”, jk.

blurred mailstom

Not really…. jk.

Please comment if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help.

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