Leading Tribes

A very new marketing concept is to “lead tribes.” For many years marketers based their efforts on unidirectional advertising. With the commoditization of the Internet, it is almost a must for companies to have online presence.

So, you have bought your website, you have posted all the relevant information and now you need to make your sale. Probably few years ago, that was enough. On these days we need to go the extra mile. Marketing has always been important, but lately has been taking us to a whole different level.

On the TED talk “The tribes we lead” from Seth Godin (Marketing Guru) he points out the importance of relationship marketing. To set online presence and be responsive on our platforms is just the starting point. The real challenge is to be able to tap on already established communities and lead them to your products.

There have always been tribes, since the beginning of time there has been tribes of people that congregate to share an interest. Back in the day these tribes would communicate in person and would interact at physical locations. In this hyper connected world, these tribes now hang out online and they have never been more accessible.

Modern world demands for modern solutions. Tribes surround us and examples of companies that have been able to tap successfully into these are, Patagonia feeding an environmentally thirsty tribe, Toms feeding a fashionable social tribe, or our always example Apple tapping the cool, creative, hip tribe.

Your tribe starts with your coworkers, your customers, and your employees and their families.

Have you connect with you tribe yet?


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