Change is uncomfortable, but necessary

I remember when I was graduating from high school, most of my friends where nervous. What are we going to do? Where are we going to go? It was interesting to see what will come result from ourselves, where life would take us. Graduating from high school was scary, but not so bad. I knew that I was going to University, it was my family’s dream and to be honest, I think is necessary. So no surprise there. I knew what was the next step.

Years after, I faced again the same situation. Graduating from undergrad. Questions? yup, absolutely the same ones,  but this time it was a little more scary, the conquer of real life was right outside my door. Anyway, I went to the workforce for a little, I worked for a while and then decided to go to grad school. Now, I am almost done with grad school and guess what. It is time to move on again. Do I have any questions? yes, the same ones that once I had in high school.

Change is scary, change is uncomfortable, change takes you out of your comfort zone, but challenges you to achieve greater goals. Change is everywhere and change is good.

Change Curve

The Kubler Ross change model, or better know as the 5 stages of grief, say that we have to go down before we go up. And once we are are up and comfortable, is time to move on and change again. We change because we have to, we change to move up in life, we change to survive.

Organizations have the need to change and to adapt. Change is not only a cheese life lesson, but is an important organizational lesson. When people and businesses stop challenge their selves, when they get comfortable, that is when they stay behind.

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  • thank you Naomi for the great reminder, I am actually going through this again, so I will give it a read and remind myself that change is necessary!!!! thanks for reading 🙂

  • Change is great, a little uncomfortable in the beginning but totally worth it.

  • Changes are dificult but necessary, in fact, if you look at your resume that is what you put as milestones, the job changes, so they are as necessary as important….

    • I absolutely agree, my resume has some path changes, but as long we focus in keep moving up and forward is a great thing, thanks for your comment! 🙂

    • Thank you! I will post a talk from my professor at the MBA that talks a little about that too, thanks for the comment and the visit! 🙂

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