Trailrunning: Watertower, Beach and North Trail Loop.

This week was the time of Lake Washington Watertower, South Ridge, Beach, and North Trail Loop – man, that’s quite a mouthful. This trail is probably perfect for trail running. Starts flat down and into a gorgeous canyon. There is a tiny creek that runs at the bottom; you can’t see it, hear it. It is SO green that it looks like you are in the jungle in the middle of southeast Asia. Anyway, as you keep running down, you plow through mud, slugs, and water puddles. I did it with regular running shoes, but it would have been better to have more grip for sure. It’s nice and grippy, but you don’t want to risk ending in your ass on the way down.

Around 14mins to get to the bottom, you would go through a nice path that touches the lake. Forget about nice beaches; this is Washington. Quite crowded today, most likely because, as I’ve noticed and probably a good thing, people are trying to get off the couch and get some exercise in. Good for them. Silverlining of #thesituation

I probably bumped into 30 people on the trail. Reminded me of the good days of summer hikes in Lake Tahoe, sigh.

Keep going along the water, bump into some more people, thank the ones they move, and now we are going up the hill. More green pretty steep, and maybe 15 more mins uphill and you are out. Back to the top and then to the car. Green as F, fun, and highly recommended. Try it. Let me know how it goes.

What do you need to know:

  • Length 5k from the parking lot – 30mins
  • Trail running shoes – Preferable
  • Water – Only if you want to carry it
  • Sunglasses/hat – nope, it’s all shaded
  • Heads Up!: You need the discovery pass to park.
  • Alltrails app – Always! But there IS cell coverage, so you won’t need to download maps

Alltrails Maps here


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