Our Seattle Bucket List

So here it is, after is done we will be ready to move on to the next adventure or, who knows, we might also fall in-love with the area and stay – open ending for now…

  1. Ski Crystal Mountain: I’ve only heard of it, would love to ski it someday.
  2. Ski Whistler BC: Big fan of skiing, and perhaps spend a weekend, rent a cabin, and check out one of the most famous mountains in the world, would be fantastic.
  3. Party and eat sushi in Vancouver: I’ve heard is an awesome city, and well known by its Asian influence, seems that is something you have to do.
  4. Ice skate in Banff: I’ve heard that there is a lake that is completely clear and you can skate on it, and see the through the ice, sounds awesome.
  5. Ski Banff: I have a good friend that worked there, he couldn’t recommended it enough, plus is one of my wife’s favorites areas in the world!
  6. Fly Fishing in Montana, oh man, since I watched “A river runs through it” I always wanted to do that.
  7. Hike in Alaska: Ever since I’ve watch Into the Wild, I wanted to see this place.
  8. Visit North Washington Islands: There are a couple of islands you can only access by ferry, apparently is pretty cool to ride bikes there in the summer.
  9. White Water Rafting in WA: Its always fun! I’ve done it in the American River, in Trancura Chile and now looking forward to do it here too!
  10. Paddle-board Washington to do list: found this list, thought it was awesome!
  11. Chill under Kurt Cobain’s bridge in Aberdeen: Rumor says he wrote, “something in the way” there. Not sure if is true, but I would like to think so.
  12. Paddle-board in front of Bill Gates House
  13. Visit the Troll under the bridge: Why not.
  14. Flight direct to Southeast Asia: Take advantage of the amazing connections and cheap flights from here.
  15. Flight direct to Europe: Same
  16. Flight direct to Chile: Same
  17. Recreate Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Seattle Episode: I just loved this guy, as a writer and an overall amazing human being. He taught us that food is more than what you see, there are cultural stories of hardworking people, that shaped each and one of the bites you take, through listening and telling theirs stories. Tony, you are missed every single fucking day. RIP #rockstar.
  18. Do all hikes around the Redmond/Bellevue Area #1hikeaweek
  19. Visit Elysian Brewery, Space-dust is tha best. If you haven’t have the chance of enjoying this delicious elixir, you owe it to yourself.
  20. Spend a weekend in Portland, I always wanted to see Portlandia!
  21. Visit the WA wine-country, yeah because wine is ok too. Good cabs up here. Let’s see if they can compete with my CA softspot.
  22. Go to see a live concert (if the situation allows) Grunge perhaps?
  23. Go to the Seattle Comedy Club (if the situation allows) I’ve heard from the Guru himself Joe Brogan the Powerful JRE that there is a good comedy scene here. Worth to explore.
  24. Go to the Seattle Opera (if the situation allows) Les Miserables is on my list, a bit of a parallel of my experience here in WA, of course without the riot portion.
  25. Visit Deschutes Brewery Portland (if the situation allows) F yeah, have you submerge yourself into the flavor of Fresh Squeeze IPA? man oh man! Probably one of my favorite breweries on the west coast. #1 I have to reserve it to Russian River Brewer Company. Pliny you had me at hello.
  26. Ski Stevens Pass: Vail owned little tourist trap. Skied it once, nice place, would love to comeback. Steep, heavy snow, and overall tough swampy skiing. I would like to see if my skills are up to the cascade cement.
  27. Go see the whales I guess that is a thing here
  28. Take a Ferry in/out of Seattle (if the situation allows)
  29. Take a Cruise to Alaska (if the situation allows)
  30. Oktoberfest in Leavenworth (if the situation allows): You are probably seeing a trend here with the beer situation, they claim to have the best Oktoberfest outside of Munich, big statement, gotta check it out.
  31. Visit all WA State-Parks around 50miles #1hikeaweek
  32. Go Camping in WA State #1hikeaweek
  33. Go see the gross gum wall

Bonus Track

Heli Skiing Alaska? – long life dream, might set you back 7k or so.

Revised as of 5/26


The Ape.

The Washington Adventure Continues…

3 thoughts on “Our Seattle Bucket List

  1. You missed MT Adams and MT Hood skiing. Baker is great. Stevens Pass and Crystal are awesome, Whistler is very busy but worth the drive but wait until Canada opens up, 14 days quarantine is pricey.


    1. Thank you! absolutely, I will add those 2 to the list! – yeah Whistler is def pricey, but its been on my ski list for years. And being so close its definitely a must. I really hope things are a bit better by December, and if not, maybe March. Do you know how long the ski season goes to up there? Any other favs in BC? thanks again for your kind comments 🙂


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