Sliding Around Marymoor Park

Sliding around Marymoor Park, Redmond WA

Who am I?

Sliding Around Marymoor Park: We park the car at Marymoor, open the trunk where we keep most outdoor stuff nowadays, dig through paddles, shoes, life-vests, camping gear, and pull my old long-board. It’s time to go check this place out, the biggest park on the East side of Seattle. Adventures continue to pile up, blog posts, not quite as fast. As we continue the love/hate relationship with this place, some positive aspects of living here start shining through the eternal Washington clouds. Public Parks, lots of them.

Coming from Chile and then Nevada, city parks are not something we are greatly used to; if you think about parks there, you only get a few of them sprinkled here and there and most of the time, not that big. Here, and considering the high price of the land, it is quite luxurious to have those around and so close. We’ve been park hoping for a while. Some of the best ones we’ve seen are Green Lake, The Seattle Arboretum, Camano Island and Discovery Park, some in the city, some outside, all of them really gorgeous.

I wrote a few years back that change is uncomfortable, and fuck, this has been a huge reminder of that. Regardless, I truly believe is the only way to really grow, breakthrough, and learn new things. And as we get older, it gets a little harder. I still remember when I got to this country 8 years ago with just a backpack, a guitar, and the long-board I am holding in my hand. Change was a lot easier then.

It’s been 4 months since we’ve been here and looking through the Kubler-Ross curve, I would probably say that I might be sitting somewhere close to the experiment phase; I even bought a freaking tent! (more adventures to come)

Change Curve
Sliding Around Marymoor Park

It’s been almost 5 years since the last time I grabbed this old long-board. Although I am not good at it, it is a good way to slide around and see the city through a different lens. Now, let’s go slide.

Hey this is fun!

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