Camping At Twin Harbors Washington

We went camping at Twin Harbors State Park, Washington

Who am I?

Camping At Twin Harbors Washington: It’s been 6 years since the last time I went camping. The most vivid memories are from when I was a kid. We used to go every summer with my family to Patagonia, which looks a bit like Washington. We all packed in the tiny Fiat 147 car and spent 12 hours in it. All 4 of us cramped in, me counting the minutes so I can stop feeling dizzy in the back seat. Several stops to relieve my carsickness later, and we would get there—Green, dark, cold, cloudy, rainy summer. I still get sick in the backseats of cars.

The move here hasn’t been easy for any of us, including the tiny dog. It has taken a huge toll on our lives. And often, we keep wondering if it was the right thing to do. We had a roomy recently remodeled house, hardwood floors, white plantation shutters, a new redone open kitchen, a large finished backyard, a full organic garden, and lots of space to hang out. We didn’t care then.

Anyway, as we shared in the last post, and as a way to see WA while coping with the lockdown, we decided to start camping. We hit the road towards Twin Harbors, a small park by the ocean almost 3 hours away from Kirkland. A quick stop in Aberdeen to check out my hero, Kurt’s Cobain childhood home, and we get there. It is cloudy and cold, reminds me of summers in Patagonia.

Kurt Cobain frontman from Nirvana Home Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain’s Childhood home

We quickly check-in, and we are good to go. Site 60 is our site. It’s quite dark, covered with trees. First impression, very appropriate for the locked-in 1bd no direct sunlight dungeon apartment rats we have become. We leave the camp to go check out the beach, our site is across the highway, requiring a quick, gorgeous walk.

It’s cold, it’s breezy, but the sand is warm, and the beach is gorgeous. We spent the next hours setting camp, prepping a fire, hanging in the hammock: no hikes, no runs, just time to relax.

These times have been hard, no doubt. But I am learning an important lesson. The one thing that makes me get up in the morning to keep trying every day. It is the fact that I remembered that I don’t need to let material things nor mistakes define who I am. It is not the car, the house, or the hardwood fucking floors. One day you could lose everything, and all you will have – are the ones that love you (including the dog), yourself, and your will to stand up again. Like prophet Goggins says, failure is temporary, and all this shit will pass.

These tough times have required us to explore and look for new things, like going camping, or shit – writing this blog!

We feel exhausted and relaxed. Sleeping under the stars is something amazing. It feels great; it feeds the soul. We hang out by the fire, and after sharing a bottle of wine, we are relaxed to exhaustion. It made our weekend immensely better, and the feeling lasted even until Monday!

This is the good life.

We decided to make more reservations, 7 more camping trips to come, weekend warrior style, including East, North, South WA, and the Oregon Coast.

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the monkey.

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    1. alright! We were actually looking at the Lewis and Clark camp site, as you might be able to tell, I love places that have a back story so that would be perfect. Thank you very much for commenting Paula it is much appreciated 🙂


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