Olivek goes to snowy Alpental, WA

Once upon a time, a little boy named Olivek,

Dreamt of mountains, oh what a trek!

One snowy day, his parents took him there,

To Alpental, a mountain beyond compare.

The trees stood tall, adorned with snow,

Olivek gazed in awe, feeling the winter glow.

The snowflakes danced around his face,

As he marveled at Alpental’s amazing grace.

Through the forest, they walked and explored,

Olivek’s heart with wonder soared.

Crossing a bridge, over a stream so clear,

Olivek felt the magic, without any fear.

Although they didn’t ski on dad’s arms that day,

Olivek had a blast in every way.

He loved the trees, the fresh, crisp air,

And promised to come back, with memories to share.

As his parents tucked him in bed that night,

Olivek dreamt of his next Alpental sight.

With a smile on his face, he closed his eyes,

Excited for more adventures in the snowy paradise.

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