Olivek’s Enchanting Sunday at the Farmers Market

Once upon a time in Seattle’s embrace, Lived Olivek, a boy with a curious face. He loved tall trees and people-watching too, And listening to stories, both old and new.

One sunny Sunday, a new adventure began, To the farmers market with his mom and dad, hand in hand. He marveled at the colors and the smells all around, The freshest of fruit, there on the ground.

He gazed upon outfits, both simple and grand, As he strolled through the market, all colors so grand. The sun shone so brightly, a rare sight to see, For Seattle was known for its rain, misty and free.

But Olivek squinted, unused to the light, So his dad turned the stroller, to shade him just right. Now sheltered and cool, Olivek could gaze, At the vibrant market, lost in a daze.

While mom searched for treasures, a special find, A mushroom block caught her discerning eye. For homegrown oyster mushrooms to fill their meals, Adding rich flavors and delicious appeals.

Then, they stumbled upon a doughnut shop nook, With plants all around and a disco ball’s hook. Olivek’s eyes sparkled, his heart filled with glee, As the ball spun and danced, a sight to see.

The music played on, and the disco ball twirled, Olivek laughed and clapped, his joy unfurled. He had a blast and knew he’d be back, To the Sunday farmers market, following the same track.

Next time he’d come with sunglasses in hand, Ready to explore the market so grand. With his eyes protected and a heart full of cheer, Olivek would treasure his memories, forever held dear.

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