Olivek’s Sunny Spring Garden Day

Once upon a time, Olivek helped his mom in the yard,

To prep for spring, it wasn’t too hard.

The parents cut a big tree to let the sun in,

For garlic, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes to win.

Olivek watched his parents climb up so high,

Cleaning the garden, and waving to the sky.

The day was chilly, but the sun shone bright,

The family worked hard, everything felt just right.

As Olivek helped his mom with the plants,

He giggled and danced, in a joyful trance.

Together they watered and prepared the soil,

Working hard, with love and toil.

The parents worked tirelessly all day,

Olivek’s help was worth more than they could say.

As the sun started to set in the sky,

Olivek felt proud and happy, with a gleaming eye.

He fell asleep that night with a grin,

And dreamed of the garden, once again.

When he grows up, he’ll have a garden too,

And teach his children what his parents taught him, oh so true.

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