The New Renaissance


Studies say that humans as we know them, have been walking on earth around 200,000 years.  If we include the Homo family (a less developed human form) we can say that we have been on earth for more than 2.5 million years. It took evolution all these years to shape us the way we are today.

We can track modern civilization back to 10,000 years , this represents a 5% on the the history of human history and a astonishing 0.4% of the entire homo family history on earth.

If we keep doing the numbers, and calculate from the industrial revolution on the 1,800, we only have left 213 years that over 2.5million years of evolution which only represents a 0.00852% of the life of men on earth.

The industrial revolution focused in chain production, creating people that could specify in only one task at the time, with the only goal to deliver to perfection at a low cost. It is cheaper to train a person to become a one trick pony, than to have someone that can be able to do all the tasks from beginning to end. With this line of thought, we been operating for the last 213 years. Training people to thing there is only one way to do things, and each person has one path, that is clearly defined and that is not socially acceptable to explore other lines of action.

This is where our calculations come to place, only 0.00825% of the life of man of earth we have been trained to live like this.

99.99175% of the time the human developed to work differently.  To climb trees, sing to the stars, love your family, paint on the walls, etc.  We were not built to find happiness by doing one thing at the time.

In the modern world, since we are young we get used to be told and classify to what we are good for. Since we are kids we get told that some of us are good for music, some others for sports, some for art, but it is very weird if the kid that is really good for sports is also good at oil painting.

Society teaches us that there is only one road for each person, and when you select your path you have to stick to it.

I want to invite you to start literally thinking outside the box, this is an invitation to try something different, to become really who you are, because yes, you can be good at more than one thing at the time.

Let’s bring back the Renaissance!

Ricardo Saldivar
Ricardo Saldivar

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