Seasonal Affective Disorder - Skykomish River in the winter, cloudy day

[NEW Video] One Imperfect Journey

Who am I?

We used to live in Nevada, as different that you might think, It does get pretty cold down there. During the winter, snowfalls in the Reno valley and gets down to the 20s. We had white Christmas, plenty of ski days, and cold cold mornings. But here is the caveat – the sun always comes out. Winters are cold but sunny. Bright, bright cold days with the shinny desert sun. 300+ days of sun a year will allow you to wear your sunglasses pretty much year-round. But trust me, like all things that happen every day, it gets old. I remember our last day there, when for the last time I got behind the wheel of the car to drive here to Seattle, my famous final last words were – ” I hate this #@$@ desert sun”.

Winters in Seattle are not cold, just 50F, dark and wet. It also has been quiet, just like this blog. It almost feels like someone pressed the pause button in October, and everybody went into their houses and went to sleep. I rarely see people outside. Are you guys still around?

Every day feels kind of the day before. I look out the window, 50F, dark and wet. Days blend and feel that there is no end, like an ongoing opera that you thought was over, but keeps going. Is it done now? nope, another act, and all songs start sounding just the same, not a big fan of Weddings of Figaro.

Although, I’ve been trying to break the monotony with ski days at Stevens Pass, which is a bit up GoldBar, where I make a quick stop to Jetboil some roadside tea. Usually, I sit down and try to get some thoughts together by the river. Thoughts of a COVID free world, remind some good old ski bum days and perhaps dreams of a trip to somewhere sunny when this whole thing ends. As soon as I go back to Seattle, it hits me; 50F, dark and wet. Although it is beautiful here, I miss that $#% desert sun…

Waterfall Gold Bar The Writing Monkey
Skykomish River, WA
Skykomish River, WA
Skykomish Goldbar, WA
Mushrooms? Gold Bar, WA

Let’s try something new – A YouTube Channel

To break off 50F, dark and wet, we decided to film some of our projects, try something new. I am not a super handy guy, but I try. Our motto is, done is better than perfect, and if we can do it, you can do it too. We created a new Youtube Channel and called it – One Imperfect Journey

With my limited skills, I tried to give it a go to a new backyard lawn, sprinklers, and all. The previous one was just a mud puddle, so with some Google searches, a shovel, and will, I started working.

Hope you enjoy Seasonal Affective Disorder episode. Let me know what you think, throw a like or a comment a follow, etc… would be much appreciated.

thank you for reading and watching!

love you guys!

The Filming Monkey

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