Release the power of Twitter: Tweepi

I have been tweeting for couple of months now. And to be completely honest, at the beginning I really didn’t know what the hell I was doing. It was hard to understand the whole “Twitter” idea. Really, what was the difference between Twitter and all the other available social media sites? Since I was inexperienced, I remember following blindly a bunch of people. I though that if I would follow the crowd, they would follow me back and I could grow my follower base quick. Let me tell you, that wasn’t the best strategy.

After a little bit, I realized that my Twitter feed was full of posts that weren’t interesting to me, and it was all my fault! I also realized that not all the people I followed was active, and most of them didn’t even follow me back! I started wondering if there was a tool that could help me organize my twitter account, and maybe help me clean the mess I created.
That is how I bumped into few applications that you can use to effectively clean your account at no cost! My favorite article was: “5 apps to manage your Twitter account” by Elijah Daniel  @aguywithnolife from Mashable.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.55.39 PM

I gave it a try. And by far Tweepi was my favorite tool. Tweepi offers the “flush” option where you can see the people that you are following and is not following you back. Also it shows when was the last time that they tweeted and the amount of followers they have. The “flush” option can help you bulk un-follow (which I though it was awesome.) Tweepi also shows info about the number users they follow and their Klout scores, so you can take a more informed decision on who you wanna “flush.”

Now I love Twitter and my feed is full of interesting info. I learned that if you manage it well and do some weeding (cleaning) it becomes into a real powerful tool. You can learn about anything that is happening around the world according to topics, and all in real time.
Are you ready to clean your Twitter and release the power of the bird?

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2 thoughts on “Release the power of Twitter: Tweepi

  1. I will definitely check it out Tweepi, sounds like a tool every blogger needs to keep what’s relevant in their news feed.


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