Olivek’s Sun-Kissed Adventure: A Day at Alki Beach

In a city where raindrops oft’ play, A wondrous adventure took place one day,

Olivek, the curious, and Dad, so dear,

Set out for Alki Beach with hearts full of cheer.

With stroller in hand and milk packed away,

Dad knew that sweet Olivek would hunger, he’d say,

The sun shone so brightly, a rare sight to see,

In Seattle, where clouds love to dance and roam free.

Down the steep hill, under trees they did tread,

As sunbeams peeked through, casting light overhead,

Olivek squinted, but Dad had a plan,

Sunglasses were placed, and their journey began.

The beach lay ahead, with its sand and its breeze,

A southern wind blew, not one from the seas,

For Alaskan winds, cold and unkind,

Were not Olivek’s favorite, as Dad kept in mind.

They strolled along shores where dogs frolicked with glee,

And brave souls took dips in the chilly blue sea,

Olivek, so tired, succumbed to a sleep,

As the beach’s gentle lullaby cradled him deep.

Dad carried him up, the steep hill once more,

With Olivek dreaming of seashells and shore,

Back home they arrived, hearts full of delight,

From a day spent at Alki Beach in warm sunlight.

They’ll return once again, on a sunnier day,

And with luck, see a whale, or a baby seal play,

But for now, rest your head, little Olivek, and dream,

Of seagulls and waves, and a world washed in gleam.

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