Eventbrite: Event Invitation Management

I remember when I was an undergrad. My best friend and I decided to organize my birthday party at our place. We lived in a nice little 2 bedroom apartment in Vina del Mar. It was small, clean and new. A month in advance we started creating the buzz, we told all our friends, class mates and we left pretty much an open invitation to whoever would like to come.


The day arrived and since we were in South America we told everybody to come around 9pm. It was around 9:30pm and people started showing up. The first group arrived, maybe 4 people, pretty nice, a little acqward, establishing conversation and thinking if other people would show up or not. Second group arrived, couple more people, and while closing the door a third group arrives, and so on. Suddenly I wasn’t able to walk from one side of the room to the other. There was people in the kitchen, balcony, my room, his room, bathroom,  there was probably 70 people in a 400sq feet apartment. It was amazing.

That was a great party. But if you are trying to organize a more serious event, not a wild college party and keep track of  invitees and effectively manage the amount of people. Maybe you want to look into an online event manager tool.


Eventbrite offers a really easy way to create and manage events. It allows you to post events in minutes, create HTML’s invitations and issue tickets for invitees. It allows you to connect you account with Paypal and to the major credit cards to collect money online for paid tickets.   Unlike like my messy apartment party,  with Eventbrite you can track the progress of sign ups and communicate with the people that accepted to come to the event, so there is no surprises on D-Day.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.47.27 PM


Eventbrite is the best event manager out there. Simple, easy to use and obviously, free.

Have you tried it yet?

Leave your comment below.



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