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Getting Ready for Camping Season – Kirkland, WA

Who am I?

Kirkland, WA Tour: So the Washington adventure continues. Since this whole “situation” has thrown a huge wrench in our plans and lives. We’ve been trying to figure out what would be the best way to still enjoy the summer, make memories and stay positive in the COVID era.

We are 4 months in, it is crazy to think. 4 months since the downsizing from a 1,800sqft home to an 800sqft apartment. From having a garden to not having direct sunlight, from having full dreams of continue of seeing the world to not to. We moved to Seattle in the middle of the pandemic and it has been tough. There have been up and downs and more challenges than easy times. But we are still here and still trying to not put our arms down while trying the best we can. Shit gets real sometimes.

So we bought a tent. Decided on that particular one since we were looking for something that we can not only use for extreme car camping. But also for when we start doing some hiking trips. This weekend we will have the first test drive. It’s being kind of tough to get a site at the moment, so if you want to get in on the camping wagon. I would recommend to get your reservations in as soon as possible, you can use the WA parks site. Camps are getting full pretty fast, and keep in mind that only a few are running at half capacity.

We ended up making reservations for a few this summer. With the hope to get into more, and we will bring you along. We will start with the Coast of Washington, the Columbia River Gorge and the San Juan Islands in WA. All around the area.

Also I started a new challenge, run 100km in 30 days. Sitting at 35km for the first week, we got this.

Stay sane out there, embrace the sun, talk to you soon.

the Ape.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Camping Season – Kirkland, WA

    1. Oh no! Yeah, although some things are open, if you want to experience the city I would recommend to wait. But seems like parks are opening up, so will let you know after this weekend! It’s a huge bummer for all of us who enjoy seeing places. Stay strong Lisa!


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